In its workshops in the Grasse region, La Maison Florian creates delicious home-made jams & preserves with carefuly selected products. Treat yourself!

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Elevate your palate with exquisite jams of bitter orange, lemon, fig, as well as floral delights made with rose, violet or jasmine.
In the field of gastronomy, the art of making exquisite jams transcends simple culinary activities - it becomes a symphony of flavors that dances on the taste buds. Florian Confiserie, a family business over a century old, is proud to present its collections of bitter orange, lemon, fig jams as well as its floral creations that redefine the essence of gustatory pleasure. The online sale of artisanal jams has become a perfectly complementary axis of our physical stores. Discover our jams in Nice, Grasse, Pont du Loup, and receive them at home in just 48 hours.

Unveiling the essence of bitter orange jam
Bitter orange jam, a masterpiece in the world of jams, attracts connoisseurs for its balance of sweetness and acidity. Hand-picked, sun-drenched bitter oranges are at the heart of a meticulous transformation process that captures the very essence of orchard freshness.

Zesty Symphony, the liberated lemon jam
Go on a lemony adventure with our lemon jam, where the vibrant zest of sun-ripened lemons takes center stage. We select the finest lemons, meticulously transformed into a velvety concoction that achieves a harmonious balance between acidity and sweetness. With a texture that is a sensory delight and an aromatic profile that sings on the palate, our lemon jam is a celebration of the lemon at its peak. Coming from Saint Laurent du Var, from our historical producer, our lemons have all the flavor of authentic fruits.

Fig elegance, a culinary extravagance
For those looking for the sublime fusion of succulent sweetness and delicate texture, our fig jam is a real delight. Succumb to the rich and complex notes of figs, from orchards where each fruit can ripen in the best conditions. This jam encapsulates the very essence of figs, making it a versatile companion for sweet and savory culinary creations.

Floral Delights, an enchantment
In the quest for transcendent flavors, we introduce our collection of floral delights, where petals meet jams in a botanical symphony. From delicate rose petals to vibrant lavender flowers, each pot is a manifestation of the richness of nature. Floral jams are jams made from flower petals. They are a unique gustatory experience that combines the sweetness of sugar with the delicacy of flowers.

Roses are the most popular flowers for making jams. They give a fragrant jam, with notes of red fruits and honey. Rose jam is often served with toast, pancakes, or waffles.

Violets are another popular flower for making jams. They give a delicate jam, with notes of violet and vanilla. Violet jam is often served with desserts, such as cakes, pies, or ice cream.

Jasmine is a less common flower for making jams, but it gives a very fragrant jam, with notes of honey and lemon. Jasmine jam is often served with tea or coffee.
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Beyond jams: culinary inspirations
Find on our website mouth-watering recipes, combination suggestions, and unique ways to elevate your culinary experience. Developed by the chefs of our region, they sublimate our jams and floral delights with simplicity so that you can make these recipes at home.

Here are also some suggestions for using our floral delights:

  • Serve them with toast, pancakes, or waffles.
  • Use them as a garnish for cakes, pies, or ice cream.
  • Add them to cocktails or mocktails.
  • Use them to flavor tea or coffee.
  • Enhance a frozen dessert, sorbet, ice cream, with a spoonful of floral delight.