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Fruit pastes, fruit gels, it's a whole story, and our Provençal confectionery tradition knows it well! A melting and fragrant texture, balanced in sugar and flavour to offer you the best of the fruit : priority to fruits, which quality and freshness are the keys to the success of preparing tasty fruit pastes. Texture is also a criterion that contributes to an outstanding taste experience.

Our fruit pastes are presented in authentic boxes, adorned with local frescoes from our neighboring town of Grasse, the French Riviera, or the more discreet village of Gourdon.

In terms of flavours, we have selected for you a gourmet sampling: raspberry, plum, blackcurrant, apricot, lemon, and mandarin. Our catalog includes several emblematic boxes from our House, which make lovely gourmet gifts.

We love them as a sweet break both after a meal and after sports activities. Our fruit paste bars bring joy to runners, cyclists in our region, and even beyond, who appreciate them for their quick energy supply and their role in the recovery phase.

Confectioners who came before us showed ingenuity in offering these "dry jams" to their gourmet customers. The flavor of the fruit is preserved, and conservation is ensured. Beautiful like jewels, they are presented in appetising and colorful boxes and can be stored without refrigeration. The key is to keep them away from light.

Before the Middle Ages, fruits were preserved in honey, and then the arrival of sugar in the kitchens allowed the development of new recipes. It is in Vaucluse that the specialty of fruit pastes gained its nobility. Today, closer to the Mediterranean, we are proud to maintain the tradition of these intergenerational fruity delights.

Fruit pastes have gained popularity worldwide as a quality artisanal confectionery, often associated with natural ingredients and authentic fruity flavors.

Today, fruit pastes are appreciated as a delicate and natural treat, often given as a gift or enjoyed on special occasions. They continue to be made both artisanally and industrially, with a wide range of flavors and presentations.

Fruit gels and fruit pastes are two types of Provençal confectioneries based on fruits, but their texture, preparation, and composition are slightly different.

Fruit gels have a slightly firmer texture, and their surface is smoother.

Fruit pastes, on the other hand, are softer and lightly dusted with crystallized sugar to prevent sticking. Prepared from fruit purees, sugar, and pectin, they are characterized by a more rustic appearance.

A baking workshop with the children? Fruit gels are also the favorite treats of little ones for their melting texture. And to prepare and decorate cakes with them, they are perfectly suitable! Playful and colorful, they allow creative decoration of their creations.