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At Confiserie Florian, day after day, we come up with ideas of delicious sweets to be shared with family and friends, centered around flowers and fruits. Here, candied fruit reigns supreme, chocolate occasionally serves as its shell, and jam enhances its flavours. This gourmet Trilogy was born from our traditional expertise: candied fruits, chocolate with a mischievous touch, and calissons, graceful ambassadors of Provence. We uphold local traditions, drawing inspiration from festive rituals for our delightful treats. Our Trilogy of fruits offers you: - A white chocolate tablet with candied fruits, crafted in our workshops. - An artisanal mandarin jam that fills the air with its aroma as we cook it, reminiscent of the banks of the Loup River. - Authentic Provençal calissons, where lemon and orange take center stage. With this Trilogy, we invite you to enter our universe and embark on a short and flavorful gourmet escapade.