Verbena jam 250g glass jar

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Well known and appreciated for its therapeutic vertus, verbena is also a pleasant jam to enhance bread slices ans desserts.

Verbena offers gourmets its original, flavoursome and refreshing taste. Slithly lemony, it is most enjoyable on a slice of bread, as well as with fish dishes, poultry, and sweets such as ice creams, smoothies, flans and soufflés.

Born by the Gorges du Loup near Grasse on a summer's day, our verbena jam has been an immediate success with visitors. Discover our range of local jams: rose, jasmine, violet, lavender,, as well as quince and citrus fruit.

Informations Nutritionnelles Moyennes Pour 100g Energie kj/kcal Matières grasses dont- Acides gras saturés gg Glucides dont - Sucre gg Protéines g Sel g