Fruit pastes - 18 piece giftbox

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175 G
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A selection of fruity treats rich in taste and soft to the palate

These fruit pastes made of natural ingredients melt in the mouth leaving the memory of soft and delectable fruit. Red currants, raspberry, apricot, prune are enhanced in this traditional confectionary rich in taste. Its success lies in the careful selecting of fruit as well as the mastery involved in these state of the art delights

Palets pâtes de fruits: Prune : purée de fruits 62%, arôme naturel de prune, colorant complexes cuivriques de chlorophyllines. Framboise : purée de fruits 62%: (pomme 24%, abricot 23%, framboise 15%), arôme naturel de framboise. Citron : purée de fruits 61% (pomme 48%, citron 13%), arôme naturel de citron. Cassis: purée de fruits 69% (pomme 25%, abricot 24%, cassis 20%) arôme naturel de cassis. Abricot : purée de fruits 63%, arôme naturel d'abricot. Mandarine : purée de fruits 76% (pomme 60%, mandarine 16%), arôme naturel de mandarine, colorant extrait de paprika. Sucre, sirop de glucose, gélififant, pectines, jus de citron concentré.

Informations Nutritionnelles Moyennes

Pour 100g


1389 kJ / 327 kcal

Matières grasses dont

-          Acides gras saturés

< 0,5 g

0,02 g

Glucides dont

-          Sucre

80 g

71 g


0,8 g


0,15 g

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