• Bonbons Miel de Provence
  • Provence honey sweets

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    Honey sweets have this particular flavour that bring back childhood memories

    Our honey sweets have this endearing tatse, tyoical of lavender honey. Our selection offers a choice of 6 fruit and flower flavours in tpretty glass jars to show off their cheerful colours
    Sucre, Glucose, Eau, Miel, Gomme arabique.

    Informations Nutritionnelles Moyennes

    Pour 100g


    1624 kJ / 382 kcal

    Matières grasses dont

    -          Acides gras saturés

    < 0,5 g

    < 0,5 g

    Glucides dont

    -          Sucre

    96 g

    68 g


    < 0,5 g


    0,02 g

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