Bergamot jam - 240g glass jar

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240 G
240 G
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Exquisite and rare, our bergamot jam is a must for any gourmet searching for subtle and deep flavours

After lending its perfume to tea and its flavor to barley sugar, the bergamot shines in its role as a marmalade. Reserved for the most delicate palates, it keeps all its promises with the greatest subtlety. A hybrid between bitter orange and lemon, this fruit offers a wide scope of flavours. This jam is an exquisite treat at breakfast and teatime, and will also transform your tarts and cakes


Sucre de betterave, Pulpe de bergamote 35%, Eau, Acide citrique E330, Pectine citrus E440.


Informations Nutritionnelles Moyennes Pour 100g
Energie 1166 kj/274 kcal
Matières grasses dont
- Acides gras saturés
Glucides dont 
- Sucre
Protéines <0.5g
Sel 0.01g

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