Chocolate chunks - Dark chocolate, candied orange peel and nougatine

€10.20 / Gr
150 G
150 G
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Our chocolate unveils candied peel and nougatine crumbs that combine perfectly for a sublime and seductive taste experience

Our dark chocolate possesses a powerful aroma that candied peel enhances with its tangy note and nougatine with its crispy finish.
Enjoy every bit of these delectable chocolate chunks, a subtle balance resulting from the creativity of passionate chocolatiers
Informationq Nutritionnelles Moyennes pour 100 gr : Énergie : 1988KJ / 474 Kcal - matières grasse : 23.7 g dont Acides gras saturés: 13.4 g - glucides : 58.4 g dont sucre 47.9 g - protéines: 4g - sel : 0.02 g g

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