French board game : "Les génies de Pont du Loup"

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This local board game tells the story of Pont du Loup through a poetic and educational voyage that holds all the charm of local legends.

La Confiserie Florian is part of the local history and heritage. Our history entails many legends, which this boardgame, a local version in french of snakes and ladders, illustrates.
Four genies make the journey more or less smooth and provide a strong influence: the genie of the wind, the genie of water, the genie of rocks and the passer genie. Each of them describes the spirit of Pont du Loup, its river, mountains and the surprises that await riders and passer-bies.

The set contains :
4 markers
2 dice
5 cards
4 genies maps
1 board part of the box

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