Recipe book in french "Des fruits et des fleurs" and Set of 3 flower preserves

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A beautiful recipe book with recipes using products from la Confiserie Florian, presented with our exclusive set of 3 flower preserves

Fruits and flowers are part of the history of taste in Provence and on the Cote d'Azur. Twenty-five renowned chefs of our sunny region have caught the Florian spirit and prepared 50 original and easy recipes for you, both sweet and savory, using flowers and candied fruits. Roses, jasmine, violets, citrus, figs, and honey are the heroes of the story. We invite you to share it with us. A delight for the eyes and tastebuds, this recipe book is a refined gift for every gourmet with a passion for flavours from the Grasse region. (Text in French only) Presented with our set of 3 flower preserves : violet, rose and jasmin.

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