80g box of crystallized flowers

80 G
80 G
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As a sweet treat as well as an original and attractive decoration for cakes, this bouquet of crystallised flowers is a must : rose, violets, and verbena

Rose petals, violets, and verbena make a tasty bouquet of flavours to enjoy with a drink as well as an orignal cake decorating item before being eaten. Not only are these delights the signature products of our workshop, this bouquet of crystallized flowers is perfect for decorating your desserts and entrees, to the great admiration of your guests!


Pétales de rose fraîche, Fleurs de violette fraîche, Feuilles de verveine fraîche, Sucre glace, Sucre, Gomme arabique, Eau, Arômes : violette, rose, Colorants: E120 (extrait de cochenille), E132, E141 (chlorophylle).

Informations Nutritionnelles Moyennes

Pour 100g


1660 kJ /  391 kcal

Matières grasses dont

-          Acides gras saturés

< 0,5 g

< 0,5 g

Glucides dont

-          Sucre

96 g

96 g


0,6 g


0,03 g

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